Efke R100 Vintage Photo Film Screenprint

$ 30

Efke is the brand name of photographic films, papers, and chemicals manufactured by Fotokemika d.d., a company located in Samobor, Croatia.

The Efke films are black-and-white films with high silver content and as a result give a large exposure latitude and high quality grayscale reproduction when compared with modern films. The Efke 25, 50 and 100 products are made using the ADOX formulas that were first introduced in the 1950s. 

The Efke films are more forgiving of exposure variations than modern tabular crystal films. The nature of the product also allows large, grain free, enlargements to be made from negatives.

Efke films are coated in one layer, unlike most other films which are coated in multiple layers. This makes the film thinner and the emulsion more easily damaged, especially when still wet after development. A hardening fixer can be used to help protect the emulsion. The film base is also thinner and more transparent, making inspection of the negative easier. However it can also make the film curl more easily.

Fotokemika in Croatia ceased production of their films and papers in 2012.

11" x 14"
4 Color Screenprint with Metallic Silver
Jellybean Green 100# Pop-Tone Cover by French Paper Co.
All posters are shipped in crush proof recycled cardboard tubes
Print only, frame not included

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