Perutz Photoworks Peromnia Vintage Photo Film Screenprint

$ 30

Otto Perutz (born 1847 in Teplice, died 1922 in München) was a chemist who had finished his studies in Zurich with a degree dissertation about a photo-chemical topic and became manager of a factory for chemicals. In 1880 he founded his own enterprise, a factory for making dry plates. This became the Perutz-Photowerke. The company was bought in 1964 by concurrent Agfa.

The Perutz Photo works film factory was closed in 1994. The green color of the film box was derived from the particularly high yellow-green sensitivity of the first panchromatic emulsions.

11" x 14"
3 Color Screenprint
Madero Beach 100# Speckletone Cover by French Paper Co.
All posters are shipped in crush proof recycled cardboard tubes.

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